Responding to Covid 19 -Healthy Sewing

Hi everyone

I just want to update you with regards to the steps I am taking in response to the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic. As of 12th March 2020:

  • Private sewing lessons continue
  • Sewing parties are suspended until further notice

As well as the national guidelines on hygiene the general advice for staying healthy at this time is to eat healthily, sleep well and stay calm. It seems then that this is a great time to be occupying ourselves with a calming past time like sewing. 

My sewing lessons are all privately held usually with 1 to 2 clients so these small numbers minimise contact. At this moment there is no advice to cancel sessions like these so long as those concerned are healthy and sensible hygiene precautions are being taken.

The church that I teach from are taking all the advised measures to keep the space safe for use at this time and I am adhering to their guidelines.

  • At the beginning of each lesson I will be asking clients to wash their hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds) in the cloakroom, and I shall be doing the same. Paper towels are provided for drying hands.
  • Between each lesson I shall be using disinfectant spray to clean down the hard surfaces and tools that have been in use, such as tables, door handles, stair rails, sewing machines, scissors etc.

I will continue to follow the national guidelines as well as those of my venue and let you know if anything changes. 

In the spirit of finding a bright side, this is an ideal time to be a crafter. As workplaces close, events get cancelled or if you need or choose to self-isolate it’s great to have something to do – making it a perfect opportunity to get some sewing practise in! There’s also strong evidence that being stressed has a negative effect on our immunity so it’s time to embrace the calming effects of sewing!

Asides from the fabric stash you may have already accumulated you could repurpose old clothes and other textiles you have at home. These days many patterns are available online as PDFs that you can download and print at home. It’s also an important time to support the many wonderful small sewing businesses if you are able. Many sell fabric and patterns from their online shops and don’t be surprised to see some great offers popping up as they try to make the best of a difficult time.

Take care,