Sewing Lessons

Maria continues to teach sewing lessons under the new name of 'stitch & flourish' 

Please go to the new stitch & flourish website for up to date details.

Maria offers private sewing lessons for beginners or capable sewers in her tranquil sewing space in Hotwells.

These lessons are suitable for all ages from 8+ and can be booked for 1 or 2 people.

Private sewing lessons are available throughout the week including evenings and weekends.

 Please use the pop up Enquiries & Bookings button below or click this link to the diary for up-to-date availability & to make an instant reservation.

For Beginners

I invite you to learn the basics of using a sewing machine in a relaxed & friendly environment – you can even bring your own sewing machine if you like.

I supply all the materials you will need for your first few lessons, so it’s a great way to give it a try before spending any money on tools & materials. My machines are a modern & simple Toyota model.

I recommend a 2 hour lesson to get you started. This gives you time to get familiar with the setting up of a machine before starting to have fun with the different stitches to create something! That may be all you wish to do before experimenting on your own at home.

I highly recommend a series of three 2 hour lessons for beginners. This allows us to work through a number of small projects that get you trying and repeating different techniques to build up your confidence and basic skills. To give you an idea, we typically start with an appliquéd pin cushion and follow this up with a drawstring bag & zipped purse. This can easily be adapted to suit your interests.

After that we can then progress to your own projects whether they be dressmaking, quilting or home furnishings.

For inspiration I have created a Sewing Project Gallery so that you can pick & choose the projects to suit your sewing aspirations. Please take a look at this page to see photos & brief details of what each project covers.

If you are keen to learn how to make your own clothes I would love to help you! I can usually get most non-sewers to making a simple pair of PJ shorts on lesson 3 or 4. We tend to follow this with an a-line skirt & a simple woven top before moving to more complex garments such as trousers, dresses & anything made from stretch or jersey fabric. Please see the Sewing Project Gallery for more details & links to my suggestions for patterns for these early makes.

We can of course chat this all through during your first lesson to come up with the best plan for you.

Available as 2 or 3 hour lessons for one or two people.

Individual lessons are £20 per hour, Sew with a Friend lessons are £30 per hour.

Discounts of 15-20% are given if you book a series of lessons. This can bring the cost down to £12 per person per hour if you book 8 or more hours with a friend. Full details of the discounts will be provided at your first lesson or if you send me an email.

Sewing For Groups

If you are looking to get 3 to 4 friends together then I also offer Sewing Get-Togethers. These are ideal for friends who can all sew but are looking for inspiration or to learn new skills. You choose from the same Sewing Project Gallery but need to allow a bit longer to complete the project – please see the Sewing Get-Togethers page for more details.

Enquiries & Bookings

Please use the pop up Enquiries & Bookings button below or click this link for up-to-date availability & to make an instant reservation. You can also send an enquiry or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like me to give you a call to chat through any specific requirements

Gift Vouchers

These sewing lessons would make a great present for anyone you know who is keen to start sewing or would just enjoy some crafty me-time!

**special offer**


For a special treat, buy an introductory course of individual lessons (3 two hour lessons) & get 6 hours for the price of 5.