Sewing Project Gallery

Starter Projects

Suitable for beginners or as a refresher.

All are simple makes that can be completed in 2 hours using straight and zig-zag stitching. Great for getting used to setting up and using the sewing machine, including controlling the speed and direction.


Appliqued Pin Cushion

My go-to first lesson for complete beginners. This project allows plenty of time to learn how to set-up the machine & have a practise before making this handy pin cushion to take away.

Pocket Pin Cushion

A good alternative to the square pin cushion, with slightly different shaping to allow for a handy pocket.

Drawstring Bag

This project is great for learning to follow a seam allowance with straight stitching whilst also learning the simplest technique for lining bags. A nice repeatable project for practise & gifts.


This is a great project for practising cutting out & following a seam allowance accurately, as there is lots of repetition. You will also learn how to use bias binding to complete your string of bunting.

Envelope Cushion Cover

This envelope cushion is the easiest & quickest style to learn. As well as straight seams you will learn how to hem fabric & also have chance to add an applique decoration.

Girls Gathered Skirt

A very simple skirt made from just a strip of fabric and elastic. It's a style that works really well for little girls. This project includes a french seam and simple hem as well as adding an elasticated waistband.

Lined Tote Bag

Another project which is great for learning to follow a seam allowance straight stitching whilst also learning the simplest technique for lining bags. You will make your own straps & also have time to either add a box bottom OR applique OR a patch pocket.

Please click the individual images for a more detailed description of each of these projects and how they work for lessons and sewing get-togethers.

Improver Projects

Suitable for those who have grasped the basics & now wish to develop their skills. You should be able to thread up a machine, sew in straight lines, curves & turn at corners using straight & zig-zag stitching. Typically you will have worked through 2 to 3 of the starter projects above or their equivalent.

Zipped Purse

This zipped purse is a great little project that always delights the maker. It is a perfect introduction to using a zipper foot & also demonstrates how to include a lining for a neat finish.

PJ Shorts

The simplest of dressmaking projects which is great for starting to get to know the techniques and language of dress-making. Includes an introduction to elasticated waistbands and french-seams.

Laptop or Tablet Case

Make a padded envelope case for laptop or tablet using iron-on wadding and trimmed with bias binding.

Fabric Doorstop

You will make a fabric doorstop & inner lining to hold the weights (rice or grains). This project is great for practising to follow a seam allowance and learning how to join 3 fabrics at a 3D corner. You will also have chance to decorate one side with applique.

Piped and Zipped Cushion

This cushion cover takes your sewing to the next level, to give you a lovely professional finish. In this project you will first make your own piping using bias binding & the zipper foot before then learning how to insert a lapped / hidden zip.

Clasp Purse

These purses are a popular birthday-treat make. You get to choose from fun fabrics and with a mixture of sewing machine & crafting skills make a delightful purse that will comfortably hold a phone, money and keys.

Repairs & Alterations

Bring along your mending pile or that item of clothing that you love but never wear. We will tackle what we can in the time with a mixture of hand and machine sewing techniques to mend, alter or refashion.

Patchwork Pot Grabber

This handy alternative to an oven mit is a great way to work through the three key stages of making a patchwork quilt (patchwork, quilting and binding) in a quick & simple project.

A-line or Circle Skirt

A simple dressmaking project which is great for starting to get to know the techniques & language of dress-making. You will learn how to take your measurements then mark, pin & cut out your fabric before moving on to sew the skirt together with french seams, insert a centred zip, add a waistband with buttonhole & finish with a hem.

Sprocket Cushion Cover

A lovely alternative style cushion that is great for using up fabric scraps or recycling favourite clothes. The patchwork and cushion construction are good techniques to learn for lots of home furnishings.

Please click the individual images for a more detailed description of each of these projects and how they work for lessons and sewing get-togethers.

Competent Projects

For lesson purposes I use the term ‘competent’ to describe someone who having completed several simple projects is able to sew even stitches, keep to a seam allowance & use a zipper foot. You will also be getting familiar with the language of sewing & know what we mean by selvedge, grainline, seam allowance etc. This should give you the skills & confidence to advance to more difficult techniques, trickier fabrics & more time consuming projects.

In most cases these projects will take a few lessons, depending on the indivdual, the specific pattern chosen and how much sewing is done between lessons.

Bag Making

Choose your own pattern and fabric to take your bag making to the next level. These projects are often quite fiddly and have several steps, especially if adding lining, zips and pockets. Often there are specialist bag-making materials (such as wadding) and fixings (such as locks & studs) which I can help you with to give a lovely professional finish.

Dress Making - with Woven Fabrics

In these lessons I can help with pattern and fabric choices to suit your ability and take you through the process of measuring, cutting and following a pattern to make your own clothes. I can share advice on where to choose patterns and fabrics and help you to understand the language of dressmaking.

Dress Making - with Stretch Fabrics

When it comes to sewing with stretch, jersey or knit fabrics there a few tricks of the trade that help to give you good results using a standard sewing machine. I encourage my clients to get used to following patterns for woven fabric garments before progressing to stretch fabrics. The nature of these fabrics make them harder to handle but the patterns are often more simple and quick to make up.

Patchwork Cushions & Quilts

There is so much choice when it comes to patchwork and quilting and I usually suggest starting with smaller projects such as cushion covers, table runners or lap quilts to learn the techniques before tackling something on a bigger scale. I can help you devise the design if you have something in mind. There is something very satisfying about these processes - it can become quite addictive!

Curtain Making

I can help you choose a simple curtain style that will work for your needs and make it possible to make your own curtains. It's good to start with a smaller window or maybe make up a sample to learn the process and refer back to.

Misc Projects

Please get in touch if you have any other bespoke sewing projects in mind that you would like help with. Over the years I have helped clients to make all sorts of items including bench seat cushions, sewing machine covers, embroidery hoop art (hand sewing), sail flags, oven gloves. . . all sorts.

I’ve provided more details for some of these project types, please click the links where applicable.


There are sewing machines & all the tools you will need at the studio. You are also very welcome to bring your own machine if you wish.

Other than the requirements mentioned above, all materials will be provided. I have a wide choice of fabric scraps & will supply haberdashery items including cream & black zips, interfacing, piping cord & wadding as required for your chosen project, at no extra cost.

My Sewing Lessons for 1 or 2 people are designed for you to learn the relevant sewing techniques at a pace that is comfortable for you. This does mean that in some cases we may not complete the project in my suggested time frame & you may wish to book an additional lesson or complete the project at home. If you book a series of lessons then we will just carry over projects as & when we need to. Discounts of 15-20% are given if you book a series of lessons.

I regard the Sewing Get-Together of 3 to 4 friends as more of a one-off social event, so my focus is on you completing the project within the time that you have booked. This means that I will guide you through each step but will not provide the same one-to-one instruction as with a sewing lesson. I also allow extra time for each project as they do generally take longer with more people in the room.

Once you’ve picked your project please book your lesson here.