Piped & Zipped Cushion


Suitable for those who have grasped the basics & now wish to develop their skills. You should be able to thread up a machine, sew in straight lines, curves & turn at corners using straight & zig-zag stitching. Typically you will have worked through 2 to 3 of my starter projects or their equivalent.


This cushion cover takes your sewing to the next level, from the simple envelope style, to give you a lovely professional finish. In this project you will first make your own piping using bias binding & the zipper foot. This then gets attached to one side of your cushion before you insert a hidden / lapped zip to the other side. Finally both sides are sewn together to create the cover.

You may also wish to create an applique decoration for your cushion but please allow a further hour to the timings provided below.


You will make a cover for one of your own cushions to match your home decor. Please bring:

  • The cushion dimensions (measuring seam to seam).
  • Your own choice of fabric – enough to cover 3 sides of your cushion (nothing too thick/heavy).
  • A contrast bias-binding – 25mm wide & long enough to go round 5 sides of your cushion (this allows for an overlap).
  • A matching zip – 3cms longer than the width of your cushion
  • Matching thread if you wish

(I will provide the piping cord)

  • Individual lesson – 3  hrs – £60
  • Sew with a friend lesson (2 people) – 3 hrs – £90
  • Sewing Get Together (3-4 people) – 3.5 hrs – £42 per person

Bookings are available throughout the week, including evenings & weekends.



There are sewing machines & all the tools you will need at the studio. You are also very welcome to bring your own machine if you wish.

Other than the requirements mentioned above, all materials will be provided. I have a wide choice of fabric scraps & will supply haberdashery items including cream & black zips, interfacing, piping cord & wadding as required for your chosen project, at no extra cost.

My Sewing Lessons for 1 or 2 people are designed for you to learn the relevant sewing techniques at a pace that is comfortable for you. This does mean that in some cases we may not complete the project in my suggested time frame & you may wish to book an additional lesson or complete the project at home. If you book a series of lessons then we will just carry over projects as & when we need to.

I regard the Sewing Get-Together of 3 to 4 friends as more of a one-off social event, so my focus is on you completing the project within the time that you have booked. This means that I will guide you through each step but will not provide the same one-to-one instruction as with a sewing lesson. I also allow extra time for most projects as they do generally take longer with more people in the room.

Once you’ve picked your project please book your lesson here.